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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  March 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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>> while it is not god's president that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever, while today my gain is suspended. >> while the democrats continue to -- campaign is suspended >> whwhile the democrats continue to support their frontrunner. >> thank you, florida. >> 8 on your side has extensive team coverage from miami to ohio to washington d.c. and right here in the bay area. >> good evening. i'm stacie schable. >> i'm keith cate. ththank you for joining us for this one hour election special. it is primary night including right here in florida. republican front runner donald trump has been declared the winner in florida's primary, a stunning loss for marco rubio who failed to get enough votes in his homestate. for democrats hillary clinton is the big winner. she beat senator bernie sanders easily. >> all eyes were on ohio and florida tonight with the sunshine state being winner
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marco rubio to win his hohomestate. after the results came in fairly early, he did the only thing he can do at this point. he suspended his campaign. >> i think a lot of people saw this coming. we have team coverage from miami, palm beach county, tampa, miami, ohio and washington d.c., but we'll kick off our extensive team coverage with paul mueller at the trump rally tonight. trump said he was going to win florida. he did. now he said he wants to bring the party together. what's it like there, paul? >> reporter: it's quiet now but a different scene about 30 minutes ago, keith. good evening to you, everyone. a big night here for donald trump wrapping up his victory speech here in palm beach a short time ago thanking his family, supporters, even senator marco rubibio who he beat by nearly a half a mimillion votes today. so trump took him the winner takes all state, of course, florida all 99 delegates. now once on stage here tonight
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wasn't what some might call your typical trump. he didn't go after anyone, take any jabs as he is known for doing. he talked about now he could make the country great again, that he's ready to secure the borders, that he wants better healthcare, that he's planning on rebuilding the military and there was a large round of applause for that, another big round of applause when he talked about taking care of our country's veterans. the bottom line he says, this country needs a leader like him to get its act together. take a listen to what trump had to say about that. >> everybody agrees the money should come back. there's $2.5 trillion outside of this country. everybody agrees that the money politicians for three years deal. [ applause ] >> and we could d make a deal. there's an example of something that you could do if i sat down with a few of the senators, a few ofof the congressmen. you could makeke a deal on that in 10 minutes if you knew what
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wants to do it. >> all right. so where do we go from here? the next republican primary that takes place in utah and that is a week from this saturday. the magic number, keith and stacie, as you know, to get the nomination for the realms is 1,237 -- republicans is 1,237. trump came into today's primary with more votes than anyone same way. >> and just yesterday we saw trump protesters going face to face outside a rally in tampa. we've seen many demonstrations against him. how about tonight in palm beach, anything there? > reporter: yeah. yesterday as you mentioned, keith, they were face to face yesterday in tampa. friday, if you remember, in chicago where they had to cancel his rallies and thursday night they actually had a pro trump supporter attack a man inside one of thosose rallies. here in palm beach today
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it was a very, very calm day, no problems at all. >> paul mueller live in palm beach tonight. thank you for, that paul. again, it's a tough day for florida senator marco rubio. he needed to win his homestate if he was going to stay in this race. >> he had the confidence he was going to do that and come out on top, but ultimately early on this evening he suspended his campaign. our political reporter candace mccowan is live at rubio's better in miami tonight, a party be on -- party in miami tonight, a party obviously that's very quiet now. >> reporter: minutes after r the final florida polls closed marco rubio said he was stepping out of the race for the white house. many of the supporters in the crowd were extremely emotional, some of them even in tears. some of them sighed as they heard the results come in watching them on the television. it didn't get much better.
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he was stoic, nonemotional but very frank in his delivery. he blamed his defeat on the fact that the republican partrty has splintered even sayiying this is part of the establishment's fault, but even after saying he would keep his campaign going no mamatter what the results were this evening, he ultimately decided to leave the race. >> while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever, and while today my campaign is suspended, the fact that i've even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. and all the reason more why we mustst do all we can to insure that this nation remains a special place. >> reporter: you know, most of the state seems to support donald trump, but here in miami- dade this is marco rubio country, so a lot of supporters there tonight. they were emotional, saw kids crying. it was quite an emotional evening for many of them.
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out to donald trump at this moment but did imply that he planned on doing so throughout the evening. his opponent ted cruz praising rubio this evening. stacie? >> so beyond the polls, though, candace, were there signs this campaiaign was over before tonight? >> reporter: we've been following this story several months now. many of the campaign workers that we've gotten to know, i was hearing some of them as early as 10 days ago talking about different jobs, one of them starting a new job tomorrow, one of them taking a new job, so an indicator they knew what was likely to happen here in florida tonight. >> all right, candace mccowan n live in miami, thank you. senator ted cruz speaking in texas just moments ago, high praise for marco rubio. he also made a play for rubio supporters who may refuse to rally around donald trump. >> i congratulate marco and jeannette on the tremendous
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>> to those who supported marco who worked so hard, we welcome you with open arms. >> cruz argues that he is the only republican candidate left who may be able to mathematically beat donald trump. the two are locked in a vivirtual tie now in the missouri primary. we'll keep you posted and see what john kasich has to say as well. turning to the dueling democrats, hillary clinton was the solid favorite in florida and it proved true. >> yes, the former secretary of state had a big win in florida tonight over bernie sanders. hillary is in west balm peach tonight where our melanie coverage. hi, mel. >> reporter: hey, guys, good evening to you both. what a night it was herere in west p palm beach and as quickly clean-up has begun. the crowd was so excited to see hillary y clinton when she walked in, it was deafening, the applause so loud and the candidate gave her supporters everything they wanted, a lot
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[ cheering and applause ] >> thank you! thank you so much! >> reporter: when she took the stage, hillary clinton got a rock star's welcome, supporters cheering, chanting, clamming, absolutely thrilled to get up close and -- clapping, absolutely thrilled to get up close and personal with their pick for president and tell us it was well worth the wait on this primary day as they reveled in her words and stood shoulder to shoulder listening to her victory speech. >> you know, because of all of you and our supporters across the country, our campaign has earned more votes than any other candidate, democrat or republican. [ cheering and applause ] >> i've never had more faith in our future and if we work together, if we go forward in this campaign, if we win in november, i know our future
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thank you all so very much. >> reporter: clinton took a few moments to make her way through the crowd and take pictures with supporters. she even took time during her speech to compliment senator bernie sanders calling his efforts vigorous and describing this as the most consequential campaign of our lifetimes. but, you know, the one person she did not give any compliment or shout out to is the one person who is about 4 miles from her right now. hillary clinton held her campaigngn event about 4 miles again from donald trump right in his backyard and she did not mince words, keith, when she described him saying that he was not a strong candidate but just a wrong candndidate. we'll go into that more later continues tonight. >> yeah, it's going to be heated. i've been to some of these hillary clinton rallies before and this one tonight, her acceptance speech, i thought she had more fire, more energy. so it was kind of new what we were seeing.
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tonight. she also made it a pointed effort to ask for volunteers and donations still. she needs, that right? >> reporter: she certainly did and she really didn't mince words s when she was asking for it imploring her volunteers and supporters t to get out there and to make donations and to really get involved in the campaign and like you said, she invigorated the crowd. she was losing her voice, quite tired. it has been a rigorous campaign, but she got out there and made a lot of folks excited as she walked into the room. i think k i might be missing some of my hearing tonight. it was so loud when all the crowd got to chanting. >> very good night for hillary clinton. melanie michael live in west palm beach, thank you so much for that report. bernie sanders, the opponent for hillary clinton, thrilling the crowd in phoenix when he spoke early this evening. this rally took place even before all of tonight's contests were decided. is around lost to hillary clinton in north carolina, ohio
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been a very tight race in illinois and missouri throughout the evevening. neither of those states have been called yet. >> the reason that we have done as well as we have, the reason we have defied all expectations is that we are doing something politics. we're telling the truth. [ cheering and applause ] >> right now sanders is leading clinton by a small margin in missouri. in illinois clinton has the slight advantage. 691 delegagates are on the line for the democrats tonight, 358 for the republicans and d tonight fiveve states voted. an easy win for trump in two of those states, but the other three are too close to call. trump isis the confirmed winner carolina.
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results in missouri. on the democratic decide a big night for hillary clinton, the confirmed winner in carolina. we are still waiting on the results from missouri and democratic side. >> now that we have the bulk of the election results on super tuesday three, what does it mean going forward? >> coming up next we'll have expert analysis of tonight's results live in our studio. we'll see if there could still
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our special coverage of primary night in florida continues. republican candidate donald trump wins by a large margin in florida. trump greeted a crowd of supporters earlier tonight in palm beach. marco rubio suspended his campaign.
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clinton also won big in florida tonight with about 66% of the vote over bernie sanders. she came out to thank her supporters in west palm beach a little bit earlier. the former secretary of state also won big in ohio. >> joining us now to analyze tonight teas results former state representative and speaker of the florida house republican will weather whetherford and darrell russan. obviously a good night for donald trump, john kasich but a stunningng defeat for marco rubio. >> i started with him when he
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really upset the apple cart in florida. it was a tough night for him. the interesting question about donald trump, though, will he endorse him if he's the nominee? donald trump is going to start acting like a presidential candidate if he wants to be taken serious. he's been very divisive for our party. marco rubio said it's getting harder and harder for him to endorse him at some point. >> polls show rubio would have done well matched up against hillary clinton. i'm wondering if the demomocrats are looking and saying it's probably a good thing marco rubibio is out of the race so maybe they can take on trump if they think they can beat him. what are your thoughts? >> i would think so. i think rubio would have been a tough competitor with hillary be the eventual nominee, that will be the motivation to spur democrats to turn out in record numbers and fry and defeat him because of his divisiveness and some of the things he espouses during this campaign. when democrats debate, they debate issues.
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mention -- insults. >> the one thing i would say is as dysfunctional as our party has looked and bin, the two candidates on the -- been, the two candidates on the left right now, one is still being investigated by the fbi and the other one is a socialist. >> we don't know what kind of investigations are going to >> that's fair. >> in any event, what we hope for is that democrats will be spurred and motivated to vote with him as the eventual republican nominee. >> but this phenomenon with donald trump, i mean he proved the critics wrong again tonight. when you look at how much money has been spent on attack ads, 35 million plus spent attacking donald trump. that's $10 million more than all the other candidates combined, 12 million spent here in florida attacking donald trump. how does it continue to win in spite of everything against him? >> a combination of things.
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unbelievable amount of earned media. we were justst talking about it. we saw some numbers that sucked this guy gets almost 2 -- suggest this guy gets almost $2 billion of earned media. >> $12 million, but go ahead. >> the other part is he's tapped into something that's really interesting in the republican base, this anger and resentment and frustration with the leaders of our party that are in d.c. most people didn't see this coming inincluding myself. >> well, w when you look at the exit polls from all of the things we see here, a majority of voters wantnt an outsider in the white house and thatat's really true on both sides. you're going for donanald trump if you're a republican, but hillary clinton has a thororn in the e side when you look at bernie sanders. i know she had a great night, but bernie is still out there drawing crowds. >> there's sentiment amongst voters they want someone anti- establishment, someone who will upset the apple cart because they're tired of gridlock.
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believe is really a moderate in extremes of each party. i would think that we have a lot to look out for. >> i think it's going to come back to issues narrowing down. the trade issue is a pretty big of jobs. hillary has to answer for that. bernie sanders is doing a pretty good job attacking her on that front, don't you think? >> he is. argument. he's talking about china and how they're winning against the united states of america. he's talking about the trade deals. in fact, his position on trade is much more similar to bernie sanders than anybody else on the republican side. >> i think we got to stop right there. don't go anywhere. we'll talk to you some more. be thinking now who is going to be the nominee and in the general election who is going to win? i want answers. don't fade away on me. we'll be back with more. when it comes to election
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to join friends and watch the results come in. that is the case at several places across the bay. our team coverage continues with peter bernard who is live in tampa. >> reporter: just a few blocks apart trump and clinton supporters watch the numbers come in on big screen tvs. make no mistake who these people want in the white house. they cheered, yelled, waved banners each time the numbers appeared on the screen. these trump supporters went hog wild for their candidate. they see the billionaire as an outsider who can shape up washington. meanwhile down the street a more subdued crowd of clinton supporters relished her win against bernie sanders. as it became clear clinton and trump won, i watched party watchers why their candidate was the best choice.
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career politicians and actually this is a vote by people who are sticking their middle finger up at the establishment and telling the establishment we've had enough. we want the people's will to be exercised. >> i think that she is truly the only one on either side of either party that is really prepared to handle what is coming down her way or whoever becomes the nominee. >> reporter: the trump crowd erupted in chants when they saw trump trouncing his three opponents. they're elated donald trump did very well in the primary. i asked clinton fans if they thought clinton could beat trump in the general election, they said of course. i posed the very same question to trump fans whether or not he will beat clinton and they said of course, that is going to happen. >> so here's the million dollar question. which group was the loudest tonight? >> reporter: well, if i had a vu meter, which i don't. i listened with my own ears. i would say the trump people
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they cheered and cheered. i'm thinking a lot of them are going home hoarse tonight. >> lot of people are i think. peter bernard live in tampa tonight. >> people at some watch parties got all fired up tonight but not so much at other venues. >> coming we'll check back with our live crews in south florida who are with florida's first and second place finishers tonight. >> areas of dense fog may affect your morning commute again tomorrow plus rain chances are going up heading into this weekend. we'll haveve the details coming
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fog was an issue for many this morning. as we head into the overnight hours tonight, it's tomorrow morning we'll likely see more areas of dense fog developing. that sea fog is spreading at 7 a.m.
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will be mild, upper r 60s, but fog willll slow you down to start with. by 2 p.m. we're e just dealing with partly cloudy skies and warm temperatures back up into the lower 80s for tomorrow. nice and mild into this evening as well, temperatures in the mid-70s. here's your fog forecast. . we've got sea fog now. it's going to spread inland through the overnight hours. by 7 a.m. you can see pretty much across the entire tampa a bay area we're expecting visibilities less than a mile. give yourself some extra time to get to work tomorrow. by continue a.m. it's starting to dissipate. as we head into the lunch hour everywhere looks good except for directly along the coast, expect some of the sea fog to hang around. overall it was a pretty nice day. this is from judy rogers of zephyrhills, nice photo ofof the sun n setting this evening. we love to see your weather photos. send them to us on facebook or twitter. here's the current visibilities.
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under a mile visibility. as we head throughout the overnight hours, we'll expected our coastal areas to see low fog and everything will contininue to spread inland going into tomorrow morning. you can see that on our satellite and radar imagery as well, no rain overnight, but the fog is already making its way inland. that's really the big story again tomorrow. besides that across the entire southeast it's really quiet. the only weather system right now is bringing some severe weather across the midwest. it stays north of us. the front behind this system will eventually bring us cooler air and a chance of rain, but right now quiet, warm, 73 at st. pete, 78 in brandenton, 72 in plant city, 73 in tampa and for the rest of tonight again overnight the fog will increase waking up tomorrow morning in
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by lunchtime things really improve. so some of the beaches will be okay. other areas will see denser sea fog hanging around. if you're thinking of heading out to an inland spot, temperatures will be into the 80s and plenty of sunshine. st. patty's day a very similar forecast, morning sea fog and heading g into thursday afternoon just a slim 10% chance of a stray shower, generally things quiet. heading into friday and the front sinks farther south we bring up our rain chances to 30% friday afternoon. with this developing area of low pressure expect our highest rain and storm chances unfortunately times out for this weekend. so about a 50% chance of storms saturday. i think it's too early to see exactly when we'll see it duriring the day, but expect scattered showers and storms, maybe a few lingering showers sunday. we hope we could see it maybe clear out early enough so at least one weekend day we can
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because that is this weekend. overall tomorrow morning be careful. the fog should be worse tomorrow morning than it was this morning. >> it was bad enough to shut down the bridge today. >> probably will happen again tomorrow. still to come totonight the way forward looks a little clearer tonight after big wins for donald trump and hillary clinton. >> also we check in with our d.c. bureau, what may be next
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tonight t live team coverage of florida's primary, donald trump with a commanding win against marco rubio in florida. >> this was an amazing evening. >> hillary clinton, the democratic candidate of choice in the sunshine state, and sights on trump.
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barriers, not building walls. >> now we continue our team coverage. here's keith cate and stacie schable. >> tuesday's don't get more super than this and the biggest prize on the map, the sunshine state and tonight republicans in florida said loud and clear they'd rather have donald trump in the white house than our own senator marco rubio. we have live team coverage of those candidates tonight. candace mccowan is in miami with senator marco rubio. paul mueller is with donald trump in palm beach. >> right now we go out to beach. there was a hillary clinton delivering an impassioned victory speech tonight and it was right in donald trump's backyard, surprised he didn't hear it, a lot of noise coming from the hillary camp t tonight. evening. it was that close. we're talking just a few miles. she was indeed in donald
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it couldn't have been closer in distance but farther in political ideology. talk about an impassioned speech, she told already supporters exactly how much she dislikes trump. listen to this. >> our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it. when we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrant, banning all muslims from entering the united states, when he embraces torture, that doesn't make him strong. it makes him wrong. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: and, guys, with that statement the crowd as you heard went absolutely wild. as they say here at the end of the day in florida and then ththere were two, two completely different candidates, two completely different schools of
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coming up in the future. >> i have to say, it was like hillary had bernie's crowd with her tonight because this guy always draws a big fiery crowd. we noticed shshe was gracious tonight to senator bernie sanders. >> reporter: very much so and she mentioned to him very early on in her victory speech among her supporters specifically calling him out by name sayingng he ran a vigorous campaign and continues to do soso. there was a little bit of niceness on her side considering bernie sanders, but absolutely none with donald trump. as you mentioned earlier, this is just the beginning of what is said to be an even uglier, nastier and more controversial race coming up of the in future. >> i think you heard in some of her comments tonight she's already thinking about the general election. it should be interesting to watch moving forward. thanank you, melanie michael in west palm beach. donald trump's run for the white house has shaken up politics. tonight he has another win, 99 more delegates from florida to
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>> a winner take all in the sunshine state. trump's supporters very excited tonight. that was cecertainly apparent in south florida as trump celebrated his big win in the sunshine state. our paul mueller joins us now from palm beach. hi, paul. >> reporter: stacie, keith, good evening. hundreds of trump supporters here -- [ audio difficulties ] -- the rounds of applause began even before trump took the stage and as always, trump promising the crowds that he will make this country great once again. i spoke with some of his supporters right after he made that speech and they told me they are on the same page. that's why they voted for him, that they want him to secure the border, that they want him to provide the people better healthcare and two people especially telling moments i should say of that speech when trump talked about rebuilding


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